pinit fg en rect gray 20   Trek Streetwise U lock with Cable

streetwise u lock with cable by trek   Trek Streetwise U lock with Cable

Streetwise U-lock with Cable is just one of the many bike locks available in the market. If you will notice, the main concern of most bikers is to find the right locks that they can use to keep their bike on the right place and kept it from theft.

The main feature that you will notice with this lock made by Trek is that it has a U-lock that is very durable. These are made from durable metal body so that it will keep the bike protected from people who would like to get your priced bike investment. Aside from the U-lock, even the cable that has been included with it is also very durable so you can get the best protection that you can get.

In terms of flexibility, the lock itself is already wide but if you still want to have additional length for security purposes, you can sue the cable and still get a good protection for your bike. Another good point about using Streetwise U-lock with Cable is that it is very easy to use as you just need to slip in the cable and lock it in place.

If you are a biker who has your own city bike or road bikes, you are sure to love this lock because of its durability. You can get Streetwise U-lock with Cable in different stores online with a price ranging from $29.99 up to $34.99. So in terms of durability, you will find this as good-valued item for its quality.