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“Seventeen Years in the Making” the book being launched by Steve Peat, takes its readers behind the scene of the 2009 World Championship in which he single-handedly won.

The book is a story of an underdog surpassing all others taking you back to where it all began. From his winter training in Sheffield, to the eight rounds World Cup Series where he makes new world records for the unbeatable numbers of World Cup race victories and podium awards. Subsequently to be followed by his victory at the Lisbon Downtown and finally winding up with his winning the 2009 World Champs in Canberra, Australia. An array of illustrated photographs follow Steve’s struggle every step of the way.

Now available in all noted bookstores, the book could be ordered as well at with a reasonable tag of £29.99 plus shipping cost. A foreword by Rob Warner, an introduction and captions by Steve on the 200 photographs by Victor Lucas, Sven Martin, Kathy Sessler and Dominic Worrall completes the 160 page hardback.