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raji gloves by sixsixone   SixSixOne Raji GlovesEvery motocross or mountain biker need some full gear to protect them, even as simple as their hands. So here’s a simple yet highly functional hand glove from SixSixOne called Raji gloves. These gloves are perfect for those who are wanting to warm up their hands each time they set out for a ride.

Its design being without the usual day glow logos and some molded rubber makes it all the more perfect for the street style outfit any cyclist might find very cool to wear. It won’t surely make you look like you are some new member of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

These Raji gloves from SixSixOne has breathable and synthetic fabric on the top portion and on the thumb portion is made out of terrycloth. Its palm is just simply padded at a minimal amount. Their design for these gloves has been somehow upgraded from the synthetic leather of Clarino to the licensed Tactilite.

Raji gloves from SixSixOne is not just plain yet cool looking but also very affordable compared to the other gloves in the market today. These cycling gloves are very important not just in warming up your hands but also in protecting your hands from possible scratches or blisters, especially if you know that you will be out for a very long journey.

SixSixOne has been a trusted name in the world of cycling products and for sure you would make it a good investment to buy these Raji gloves they have recently updated.