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showers pass features portland cap limited edition   Showers Pass Portland Cap Limited EditionAny person fond of cycling, whether expert or not, should bear a wide range of knowledge on the proper cycling gear to wear or bring. There are lots of important cycling apparel kinds and one of the most crucial is to have something to cover your head with.

Weather is unexpected as usual even during cycling tours and journeys. In fact even if winter has just ended and you expect a beautiful spring, you should still be prepared with what the unusual weather can bring you. Sunglasses would always be a cyclist’s best friend but also a durable cap to cover your head is necessary.

Showers Pass is a known company capable of offering cycling products, particularly caps to keep the cyclist on the go despite any kind of weather. To have originated from the rainy part of the Pacific Northwest, they are really used to the surprise downpours and so they came up with caps that are not just waterproof but very attractive in design as well.

Their recent Limited Edition Portland Cap is in color combination of gold and black and is not too tight or not too loose for any head. Despite its snug fit, it won’t make your head sweat under it for its breathable material. And of course, its waterproof feature allows no rain, not even a raindrop, to wet your hair. In fact, not even your sweat can make your head wet with this Showers Pass limited edition cap.

It still carries a soft touch to its fabric regardless of it being waterproof. It talks about comfort, style and protection all in one.