pinit fg en rect gray 20   Shimano Mountain Sports Shoes

shimano mountain sports shoes   Shimano Mountain Sports ShoesShimano is not only a manufacturer of different bike parts and bikes but they also manufacture shoes such as the Shimano Mountain Sports Shoes. The good thing about these shoes is that they will match the needs of different bikers because of the different features that they offer.

The first feature is that they have high synthetic leather that gives utmost comfort. They are also tough and durable, and will serve as armor for your feet but still be able to provide comfort.

It has an EVA cushion that will serve as the shock absorber on your feet. In this way, your feet will not hurt especially if you are hiking. These are used as midsole and still make you feel very comfortable so you can easily bring them up on long and high trails.

It has adjustable straps and buckles so you are assured that you can make it fit perfectly on your feet. Remember that you will have very comfortable shoes as long as it fits you perfectly as you can easily walk with it aside from the comfortable materials used in it.

It soles also have different functions so it will be a perfect use no matter what type of condition you will use it with. It will give you a perfect grip each and every time. And with all the features, it will be a good investment that you can get especially if you would like to have a shoes that you can use in different manner.


Tough synthetic leather upper with low-profile armor provides foot protection and excellent durability
Carbon reinforced shank plate for optimum sole rigidity
Volume+ last for a more accommodating toe box
Shock absorbing EVA cushion matched with a flexible midsole for hike-able comfort
Multi function rubber outsole for performance in varied conditions
Micro-adjust buckle & dual off-set straps securely holds foot and allows subtle adjustments
Extra-long cutable straps allows for personal comfort & preference
Replaceable toe spikes increases traction in sand or loose dirt