pinit fg en rect gray 20   Shimano M182 MTB Shoes

shimano m182 mtb shoes   Shimano M182 MTB Shoes

The Shimano M182 Mountain Biking shoes are specifically made to give comfort and fit without sacrificing performance and durability.

The M182 has soles with glass fiber as part of its composition. A nylon-polyurethane material strengthens the outer sole and allows optimal power transmission from your feet to your pedals.

The mountain bike shoes have composite toe spikes to give you better foothold on loose ground or muddy areas. An abrasive scuff-toe guard is on the area where it can get scratched when used. It also has a breathable mesh designed to compliment the polyurethane coated synthetic leather.

To keep your feet secure and avoid loosening, a padded micro-adjustable buckle is in place. There are also dual offset straps to relieve pressure from your feet. These straps are cut in varying lengths so you can choose which would fit you better.

The retail price for the Shimano M182 Mountain Biking shoes is $124.98 and is compatible with MTP clipless pedals. It currently comes in black color only.