pinit fg en rect gray 20   Ryders Eyewear Vigor Sunglasses

ryders eyewear vigor sunglasses   Ryders Eyewear Vigor SunglassesIf you are a type of cyclist who spends more time on the road than in your home, then it is about time you get yourself a pair of Ryders Eyewear Vigor Sunglasses. You must have something that would fully protect your eyes not just from the sun but also from other outdoor elements like tiny rocks, dusts, bugs and even wind which can dry up your eyes.

It is Ryders Eyewear Vigor Sunglasses that can give you best eyewear performance especially if you will be dealing with a wide range of climates. For just $45, you can already enjoy the many unique features of this pair of glasses. Just like the rest of their other models, their temple and nose piece sections have flexible memory wires inside.

This just assures you that with Ryders Eyewear Vigor Sunglasses, you are sure to have a comfortable eyewear fit. Its rubber coating is highly water resistant with the secure contact points that keep the eyewear to be in place no matter how much sweat you produce. It would be rare for you to get a secure pair of shades such as this which would cost under $100.

One of its another unique features is that its lenses are well ventilated. This means that it renders clear peripheral vision without making your eyes feel suffocated. It comes with a protective pouch whose fabric is something that you can use too in cleaning the lenses of the eyewear to keep it free from dust and scratches.