pinit fg en rect gray 20   Rotor Agilis Crankset 2010

Rotor spruces up Agilis 2010 1   Rotor Agilis Crankset 2010

Rotor Bike Components always try to manufacture products that can make your cycling experience better. Newly improved AGILIS 2010 gets a makeover that can make each cyclist want to own one of it. The updated axle has increased stiffness while the modified crank is made up of Hollowminium II. This is one of Rotor Technology that throws out unnecessary materials leaving only the needed components of the compound.

Following suit with their 3D cranks, the AGILIS 2010 has similar axle and crank clamp design. There will be a need for a conventional manner in the installation process. Replacing the use of two conventional bolts for clamping is a solo oversized DTT bolt. It functions to connect the crank and the bolt and allows you to avoid the need for a torque wrench.

The crank may seem flimsy to look at, however don’t be fooled because it is quite stiff. All crank spiders are slated to be produced in the color red to accommodate all crank variants and most 24mm external ceramic BB systems.

Crank lengths vary at 170mm which will be available by mid-April and 172.5mm and 175mm, which is already out in the market. The weights are approximately 509grams to 542grams, without BB and chainrings.

Rotor spruces up Agilis 2010 2   Rotor Agilis Crankset 2010