pinit fg en rect gray 20   Riveros Diaz Wins Round One of 2010 Dextro Energy Triathlon

riveros diaz wins round one 2010 dextro energy triathlon   Riveros Diaz Wins Round One of 2010 Dextro Energy Triathlon

Barbara Riveros Diaz of Chile won round one of the Dextro Energy Triathlon ITU World Championship Series in Sydney. Riveros Diaz clocked in at 2:04:19, seconds ahead Kiwi Andrea Hewitt and Emma Moffatt of Australia.

Riveros Diaz shared that she was slightly nervous at the final lap since a sprint finish is not one she is very good at, “I’m usually not very good at a sprint finish, but today it all worked out very well.”

The race began at the Farm Cove, Sydney Harbour and leading the pack were Americans Laura Bennett, Sarah Haskins and Sara Groff. The Americans led the transition from the swim to the bikes. Not far behind was Moffatt who surprised everyone with her strong swimming. The rest of the forty-seven triathletes followed, stringing out into a long line.

Moffatt commented on her form, “I was a bit surprised that my swim went so well. It was good to get out with the group. That helped me settle into a comfortable pace on the bike.”

The breakaway attempts were led by Daniela Ryf of Switzerland and Lisa Norder of Sweden. The group with htem included Moffatt, Bennett, Riveros Diaz, Kathy Tremblay of Canada and Kate Roberts of South Africa. The first two laps were not as successful but into the T2, the group dwindled from 20 riders to 14 runners. At this point, Norden and Moffatt were neck to neck in front.

Halfway through the run, four women surged ahead, leaving a wide gap between them and the rest. They were Moffatt, Riveros Diaz, Hewitt and Mariko Adachi of Japan.

Hewitt shares how the run was different for this triathlon. “Last year Emma would run so quick at the start, but this course, with the hill right at the start, kept a few of us together,” said Hewitt.

On the final roundabout, Riveros Diaz attempted to pull away but Hewitt quickly responded and kept the pack together. Riveros Diaz tried for the second time during the final turn and this time, no one can catch up with her. She reached the finish line at 2:04:19. Hewitt came second and Moffatt finished third. Adachi took fourth place while Norden rounded up the top five.

Via Triathlon.Org