pinit fg en rect gray 20   Return of the Boulder Roubaix 2010

return boulder roubaix 2010   Return of the Boulder Roubaix 2010

The Boulder-Roubaix returns to the cycling scene with a longer and more challenging route. The 18.7 mile loop will take place on the rural roads of Boulder, Colorado. 10 miles were added on the course and 4 complete laps are required.

Many veteran cyclists hold the popular road race in high regard since winning the race is a definite plus to one’s cycling career. Legends like Roy Knickman and Chris Baldwin have won the race before.

DBC Events owner Chris Grealish says that the event was held on the same day as the ‘Queen of the Classics’, Paris-Roubaix race, “It’s all the best unpaved sections north of town.”

The event is also part of Colorado’s search for the Best All-around Rider and Best All-around Team.

Grealish expresses his thoughts on doing the Boulder-Roubaix, “We include the unpaved sections in honor of the race in France, which is regarded as the hardest one-day event in the world. We recreate a bit of that here with the dirt. This is a race for a subset of the cycling community. It’s not for everybody, but for the cyclists who love it…this is the biggest race of the year!”

For those joining the race for the first time will be asked to do only one lap together with the youngest juniors in the competition. Registration is open and is available online or at the event.

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