plastic apple iphone series bike handlebar rail mount 300x260   Plastic Apple iPhone Series Bike Handlebar Rail MountOne of the good things people can benefit from getting an iPhone is the fact that there are a number of different applications that can be installed in it. And if you are biker, you will find it to be beneficial by installing a GPS application.

However, wouldn’t it be a hassle if you will bring your iPhone all of the time out of your bag for monitoring? The good news is you can already mount your iPhone on your bike with the help of the Plastic Apple iPhone Series Bike Ez On-Off Handlebar Rail Mount.

The main feature of this accessory is that it is very easy to install on your bike. Once you have installed it on your preferred location in the bike, you can immediately place in your iPhone and start using your application. The good thing about Plastic Apple iPhone Series Bike Handlebar Rail Mount is that it is better if you want to listen to music while cycling than using a headset. This is because your ear will not be covered and you can still hear the other sound signals in the surrounding environment.

Another feature of this accessory is that you can enjoy its swivel option. This means you can have a portrait or landscape display on your iPhone with a simple movement of the swivel. And if you are already tired of its current location in your bike, you can easily remove it and transfer it to other place.

Therefore, if you want to save in purchasing a GPS by just using your iPhone, Plastic Apple iPhone Series Handlebar Rail Mount is the best accessory that you can purchase.