pinit fg en rect gray 20   Planet Bike Global Cooling Machine Cycling Shirt

planet bike global cooling machine cycling shirt   Planet Bike Global Cooling Machine Cycling Shirt

Are you a cyclist who is an advocate of the environment?  Would you like other people to see that it is now time to give high regard to it because of global warming?  You can let other people know about it with the help of the Global Cooling Machine shirt by Planet Bike.

This shirt is a perfect outfit for every biker for casual biking in the neighborhood but also as casual wear on different biking events.  This preshrunk shirt is made from 100% cotton.  Since it is made from this fabric, you are assured that you will feel very comfortable and cool just like what the shirt indicates.

Aside from the fabric, you will also love this shirt if you are eco-friendly as the ink used to print the logo or the shirt design is made from environment-friendly ink.  This means that the components that make up this ink are not harmful for the environment and you have advocated its manufacturing procedure because you have bought the shirt.

And with its green color, you can be sure to have comfortable clothing that will be cool in the eyes of other people who will see it.  At the same time, the color is not something that will absorb too much heat so you are assured that you will feel very comfortable wearing it.

The good thing about this clothing is that it is perfect to use even if you are biking or not.  This is a good way for you to show that you have this interest in biking and a mission to help the environment by using green products all at the same time.