pinit fg en rect gray 20   Pick an iStik For Your iPod Nano

pick an istik for your ipod nano 300x223   Pick an iStik For Your iPod NanoAre you the type of rider who likes hitting the road with some music? Do you find yourself not leaving the home without your iPod? Then here is a great solution for you to bring it along with you without fearing that you would break it.  

The iStik case is where you can have your iPod Nano be held securely. You simply have to drop your music gadget to the lexan case and snap the lid. Then it is up to you which part of your clothing you want it to be. Then you just place the base that is made out of magnet right beneath your clothing and just align your iPod case right on top.  

How you connect things may seem quite simple but you can be sure that it will be completely secure. The owner of iStik, Inc., Alissa Huber said that the magnets cannot be compared to your typical refrigerator magnets. In fact, she challenges everyone that the iStik won’t stay out of place even if you will bring it as you do skydiving. 

The magnets they used are made out of neodymium, boron and iron. These are all known to be the toughest magnets of all time. With this iStik, it would also be very easy to adjust volume settings and shift songs. The earphone cord can be a bit annoying as it dangles to and fro but it surely won’t irritate your skin. 

So if you want to keep your iPod safe and secure even in the middle of your cycling trip, shop now for iStik.