pinit fg en rect gray 20   Nuke Proof Warhead 760 Flat Bars

warhead 760 flat bars designed for faster cycling   Nuke Proof Warhead 760 Flat BarsOne of the things that will catch your attention once you saw Warhead 760 Flat Bars by Nuke Proof is that it has a very sleek design.  Because of the way it looks, you can say that it can also be a good investment for your bike.  However, this product is more than just the looks as it offers a very good benefit for serious bikers. 

Nuke Proof Warhead 760 Flat Bars are good for you if you want to be a very competitive biker.  How it can it help you to be more competitive?  It has been designed using theories in dynamics and kinetics because it will help the biker get on the right position that will make them bike at a faster rate.  Since it is very flat, it will give the biker a lowered and forward position.  This position will result to lesser load at the back part of the bike and getting the position for aggressive driving as it shifts the body’s pull in front. 

Durability is also not a problem with Warhead 760 Flat Bars as it is made from high quality aluminum and coated with stylish black color that will match your bike.  But with the material and the coating, you are assured that it remains lightweight so it will not add too much weight on your bike.

Another feature that it offers is that it has a longer length with markings that will help you customize it to the length that you want.  With all its features, you can say that Warhead 760 Flat Bars is more than just the design or style benefit as it will also help you to be a faster cyclist.


Width: 760mm
OS 31.8mm ⋄
Sweep: 9° back-sweep
Material: 7075 Aluminum
Laser etched graphics
Finish: Shot-peen for maximum fatigue resistance
Colour: Anodized black
Weight: 270g