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nike 6 0 insurgent   Nike 6.0 InsurgentHave you always been a fan of Nike? If you are, then you should know about the different classifications of the various Nike shoes made specifically for different sports or hobbies. If you happen to be into cycling, then you would love wearing the Nike 6.0 Air Insurgent for men.

In fact, this pair is also perfect for the true blue skateboarder, the snowboard fanatic or the bike lovers. It has its own way of making your feet feeling not just comfortable but also well styled and fully protected no matter what kind of sport you are into.

Many biking and skating professionals are amazed with its hidden lace system which helps in avoiding your shoe strings from commonly being frayed on tape or even dangling with chainrings. It gives your feet enough air to breathe with its tongue being made out of mesh especially if you are riding during the hot summer season.

Its Air-Sole system makes the shoes very light in weight with cushioned heels to keep you from feeling any muscle strain during very long walks or even when you commit huge drops during a tough ride. This is due to the reason that its sole is made out of solid tacky gum rubber and it even comes with a one-year warranty upon your purchase.

So the next time you head to shop for a new pair of shoes to wear for your ride, make sure to consider Nike 6.0 Insurgent if you want style and comfort features combined.