pinit fg en rect gray 20   New Kentucky Cyclocross Course

new kentucky cyclocross course 300x225   New Kentucky Cyclocross CourseCovington, Kentucky will push through with plans for a new cyclocross race and training park. It will be in Devou Park, situated on the area nearby the Montague and Sleepy Hollow intersection. Covington is second to Louisville to create a venue for year round cyclocross racing in Kentucky.

The project will utilize unused existing road beds to ensure a low ecological impact in the area. Matt Bell, the project head, said that the permanent cyclocross park will take part and enhance Devou Park’s existing network of mountain bike trails, “it was important to me in the course design to beautify and enhance the park as well.” Devou Park hosts the opening day of the Cincinnati UCI3 International Cyclocross Festival each year.

Another goal for the project is to successfully establish Devou Park as a regional and national cycling venue. Helping Bell achieve this is Chad Irey of the International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA). Avid supporter of the project is civic leader Natalie Gardner, Dirctor of Parks and Recreation in Covington. “It’s an absolutely fantastic use of our park in the first place. I was a newbie (regarding cyclocross) last year when Matt, Nick Tinsler and Mitch Graham proposed moving the first day of Cincinnati’s three-day cyclocross festival to Devou Park. But Larry (City Manager Larry Klein) and I were on board immediately from word one.”

Bell expressed his delight over the immediate action the city is making to make the cyclocross park a reality. “The city officials in Covington seem more conducive to getting things done. Even so, I’m blown away at the level of excitement they had for the project. Usually with these things, it takes forever for a project to make its way through levels of bureaucracy, but in Covington I get an email asking if I can be ready to make a presentation to the full City Commission in eleven days! When this government sees something that they think will have a positive impact on their city, they do everything they can to bring it into their borders right now – before it goes someplace else.”