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kona e bikes   New Kona E Bikes

Kona has three new e-bikes for May. Known as the Ticket, Token and the Electric Ute, these new electric bicycles come in 700c road wheel and 26” mountain bike wheel types. For casual riding, the Ticket and the Token are your choices whereas the Electric Ute would be ideal for getting groceries or running errands.

The Ticket and the Token are equipped with a battery assisted Pedelec motor of 24-volts and 250 watts. A smooth ride is expected due to the mounted TMM torque sensor on the dropout. The sensor balances the power output created from your pedaling and the front wheel drive motor.

The battery ensures as much as 700 rides with its 24V x 10Ah capacity. You can go as far as 30km if you have it under power assist mode. If you use it under the normal mode, the system can assist you up to 57km. A 100km range is possible under economy mode.

Designed with women riders in mind, the Token has a step through the toptube for easy mounting. The Ticket was specifically designed for male riders.

The Electric Ute was based on Kona’s Ute model, but with a battery-assisted motif. It has a carry-on capacity of 100kg so you can transport goods without any hassles. The Electric Ute has the same motor system as with the Ticket and the Token. The battery used for the Electric Ute is 24V x 13Ah. This is slightly higher because of the heavy load.

Retail price for the Ticket and the Token is $1,799. Retail price for the Electric Ute is $2,299.

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