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louis garneau carbon x lite shoes 300x240   Louis Garneau Carbon X Lite Shoes

The hot new item for spring 2010 from Louis Garneau is the Carbon X-Lite Shoes. Available in white, the shoe is made with the new COOLMAX Ergo Air outsole. The 100% Carbon Extralite outsole comes with a patented multivent system which makes it featherweight. It weighs only 196 grams but enhances power transmission when worn during cycling. This is currently the lightest shoe by the company.

The Carbon X-Lite features the 100 HRS (Heel Retention System) which holds the heel in place even under extreme pressure exerted by the wearer. For easy change of footwear, two velcro straps are in place for security and access.

The shoe also has a heel reflector and seamless microfiber leather upper. It has a visual display of cleat position which makes it compatible with LOOK, TIME and SPEED PLAY cleats. It also has two inner soles.

Retail price for the Louis Garneau Carbon X-Lite Shoes is $169.95.