pinit fg en rect gray 20   Lightweight Sugoi Zap Jacket

the lightweight sugoi zap jacket   Lightweight Sugoi Zap Jacket

Nothing can make any cyclist feel more protected from the winds or any kind of outdoor element but with a dependable jacket that you can wear. Under Sugoi’s shell collection, here comes Zap – a lightweight jacket which can help any cyclist improve one’s cycling performance and offer reflective features with a cut that is highly comfortable.

If you happen to be a night time rider, then you would find the reflective stripes of this jacket very ideal for you to wear. Then if you are someone who is very conscious with having a high fashion sense, then you would also be glad with the Zap since it comes with not just one color but also other options that you might personally prefer.

Its body sizing is very comfortable and convenient as well since it easily follows the contour of any body and the length of its sleeves are very typical. So it is advisable that you give it a good try to fit before you decide on buying a Zap for your self. Its underarm sections are made out of mesh to keep the temperature of your body at bay all the time as much as possible. But the purpose that it was made out of mesh is for easy disposal of the sweat.

Other features of the Zap include the tall collar, the hem that is cord-locked, and its ideal weight and pack size. It may sound a bit too costly for the regular cyclists but still it could serve as perfect investment for you.