pinit fg en rect gray 20   Kahlefeldt Wins First World Cup 2010

kahlefeldt wins first world cup 20101   Kahlefeldt Wins First World Cup 2010

Brad Kahlefeldt (Australia) won the first World Cup title of the 2010 season in Mooloolaba. Stuart Hayes (United Kingdom) came second, just 10 seconds after Kahlefeldt, followed by James Seear (Australia), 16 seconds after Hayes. It is absolutely certain that for that day, Kahlefeldt was the best and strongest racer. He also expressed his thanks for the amazing support from the crowd, especially on the last lap.

Fortunately, the ocean was calm during the race day. First among those out of the water was Dylan McNeice (New Zealand) with about 20 athletes immediately behind him. He was followed by Josh Amberger (Australia) and Seear after a few seconds.

Seear and Amberger, were then on the bike, worked together, and then came to the front for each of the seven laps. However, Seear and Amberger had a gap after five of the seven laps. This was a 56-second gap on a chase pack led by Ethan Brown (United States of America). This 22 men chase pack allowed the Seear and Amberger to pull away. Both lost about 20 seconds for the remaining laps left. For the final lap, their gap was a time frame of 1:38.

Van Berkel (Netherland) was between Seear and Amberger, and the chasers. Within the group, defending race winner, Courtney Atkinson, and Kahlefeldt were led out by Ivan Rana (Spain).

And thus, there were five laps on the run. After the second, the chase pack of 20 had now become a four men chase pack. Atkinson, Kahlefeldt, Hayes and Dan Wilson (Australia) went to catch Seear, but Seear had 90 seconds and that, for only six kilometers.

Then with only one lap left, Hayes and Kahlefeldt were just 10 seconds behind Seear. Referring to these moments, Kahlefeldt said, “I was hurting at that point, but I knew it was time to go, so Stu and I put on another push and finally caught James.”

Stuart and Kahlefeldt finished with a final turn, Kahlefeldt on the lead for his countrymen. His total run was 31:36, having stopped the clock at 1:51:31.