pinit fg en rect gray 20   Jayson, E.Js killer May be Granted Parole

jayson ej killer may be granted parole   Jayson, E.Js killer May be Granted Parole

28 year old Jayson Kilroy and 30 year old Edgar Juarez’s killer could be granted parole and may serve only 13 months after being charged of vehicular homicide. The two cyclists were hit by a truck driven by the motorist, Barbara Thomas, under the influence of barbiturates and morphine. Thomas was found guilty but the parole hearing is yet to come.

Thomas was alleged with other cases such as shoplifting at the Safeway in Colorado and hitting another car before she went her way to the intersection of 26th Street and Westend Avenue where she hit both cyclists along with 3 others. She was charged with four convictions of shoplifting dating back to 1983, drinking in a vehicle, careless driving and traffic infractions even before the incident. To top that, police had been in search for her for a hit-and-run two months before the death of E.J and Jayson.

Friends of the victims are reaching to everyone concerned to go against the parole.