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mixed drinks are now possible with hydrapak gel bot   HydraPak Gel Bot Mixed Drinks Are Now PossibleHave you ever wished that you can have your cycling liquid drink and gel combined to become just one? Well, the HydraPak Gel-Bot has finally made this possible with their latest product. With the Gel-Bot, you can finally mix your gel and liquid in one same water bottle.

It has been troublesome for any cyclist to open a packet of gel while riding. Most of the time, you can be sure to make a sure shot of mess out of it. So before you ride, you just simply fill up your Gel-Bot with about 3.2 ounces of gel into the tube that is placed right inside the bottle.

Once you load it, you simply give a push to its bottom so that the air would get out. Just like what is done with a simple syringe. Then squeeze the entire bottle with the closed nozzle and the gel would come out. It is up to you how much gel you want to take in depending on your performance.

The only drawback would be to not be able to pack sufficient amount of gel you need especially for long rides. But you can always solve this by bringing with you two Gel-Bots. Then by the time you want to push it down to your throat with some water, you would simply have to pull the nozzle and give it another squeezing, then out comes the water. It can store up to about 24 ounces.

With Gel-Bot, you fulfill two primary needs of every cycling: proper amount of hydration and sufficient intake of nutrition.