pinit fg en rect gray 20   HTC Columbia Ready for Tour of California

htc columbia ready for tour of california 1   HTC Columbia Ready for Tour of California

One of the many American Pro Tour Squads taking much concern for next month’s Amgen Tour of California over the Giro d’Italia is Bob Stapleton’s team HTC-Columbia. Michael Rogers will be heading to California to lead HTC-Columbia general classification efforts.

Lance Armstrong will be heading his team Radio Shack in their home turf with a tough compliment contingent from Garmin-Transitions featuring tough riders headed by Christian Vande Velde which is expected with the “local” Pro Tour outfits.

Giro d’Italia hosted last year’s centennial main event with a non-Italian star studded roster on foreign soil and it seems in 2010 will focus more on the traditional orientation to be racing on their home ground and on other racing field.

Rogers believes that fighting battles in two fronts is a very difficult task and the chances of winning is clearly uncertain if not near unattainable. However, the hope of success is not that elusive, he said “I’ll be going to the Tour of California, as will Mark Cavendish, and (Andre) Greipel will be going to the Giro d’Italia”, he is aware that splitting up the team into two is no easy task and come up with a job well done on both fronts. Still he asserts that HTC-Columbia is focused on winning.

The statements ensued after a public exchange of opinions from the German and Brit, however Rogers confirms that it’s no big deal. Tough riders perform a lot better when confronted with a situation such as this and they ride hard to win for that is all that matters most. Splinters are known to perform beyond what is expected of them.

Heading the Amgen Tour of California are Rogers and Cavendish and a good sunny weather lies ahead on the 16th – 23rd of May, the sponsors AEG and its chief are expecting a huge turn out crowd especially coming from the ever increasing American cycling public.

Last year’s season edition was downturn by the bad weather conditions that brought about the new change of calendar dates and AEG Sports, its chief Andrew Messick couldn’t be happier.

htc columbia ready for tour of california 2   HTC Columbia Ready for Tour of California