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gear it all up with giro transfer sport helmet   Giro Transfer Sport Helmet First thing you have to consider before riding your bike is your safety. Wearing a helmet is the most important thing of all. Your head should be protected before anything else.

One of the popular items we can find nowadays are different kinds of helmet with different angles, designs and specifications. One of these so called items is the Giro Transfer Sport Helmet.

The Giro Transfer Sport Helmet is constructed with in-mold technology that fuses a tough outer microshell to the helmet’s EPS foam liner. The fusion process reinforces areas around vents and ribs, making the helmet tighter, cooler and tougher. The Transfer utilizes Giro’s ACU Dial system, which combines single-handed adjustment with a full-fit band for a quick and sure fit. Also, this Giro Transfer Helmet has a snap-fit visor feature and vents which allows cool, fresh air in and slate out the warm air.

This product comes in Universal fit Adult U size (54-61cm), carefully sculpted and sized specifically to simplify the fitting process. Giro’s transfer helmet is a lightweight 255 grams, meets and complies with U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s safety standards for bicycle helmets.

You should always keep in mind to wear your helmet properly. You should wear your helmet low in the front to protect your forehead. Also fasten your buckle and tighten your chin strap and make sure you inspect your helmet regularly for signs of wear or damage.