pinit fg en rect gray 20   Giro Bravo Bike Gloves

giro bravo bike gloves   Giro Bravo Bike GlovesFor every cyclist, bike gloves are very important to protect the hands from holding on too much on the bars for a long time and as well as from the ever changing weather. With this need, you might want to consider Giro Bravo bike gloves as the best choice to have.

These bike gloves are considered as full-featured gloves made specifically for all kinds of riding conditions. Its material is made from Clarino with its palm section out of synthetic leather. Its thumbs and finger portions are very breathable. It is also water proof and very durable against any kind of abrasion.

With its padded palms, it can absorb sweat and any kind of impact to increase the comfort level without leaving behind the important role played by dexterity. The back of the Giro Bravo bike gloves has a 4-way stretch system with moisture-wick fabric to make it breathable.

The material on the thumbs section also contains soft and very absorbent fabric type so that you can have a soft fabric to touch your brow or nose whenever you need to wipe off sweat during your ride. Its cuffs also has a closure that is rip-and-stick strap that encloses the wrists to ensure a very secure fit. Not to mention its pull tab that is sonic welded for convenient on and off features.

Hence, if you are in the lookout for the right pair of biking gloves to wear, search for nothing else but the Giro Bravo bike gloves to assured protection and comfort.