pinit fg en rect gray 20   GE sponsors British Triathlon Teams

ge sponsors british triathlon teams 300x199   GE sponsors British Triathlon TeamsGE (General Electric) pledges to sponsor the British Triathlon teams for preparation of the 2012 Olympic Games in London. To add, GE will also give support to British Triathlon Elite events, Elite Paratriathlon team, Age Group teams, home nation regional academies and the British Triathlon Coach Development program.

GE will be working side by side with the 50 athletes which includes the Brownlee brothers, Hollie Avil (Women’s U-23 Champion) and Helen Jenkins (2008 Women’s World Champion) to find methods and means to support the athletes.

The partnership promises to bring better ways to help improve the teams. The goal is to maximize the potential of each athlete, to find ways for early detection of any damage from the sport and efficient treatment for injuries.

With the GE medical technology, the British Triathlon teams gain a large amount of advantage in the sport. Joel Filliol, head coach for the British Triathlon, comments on the partnership. “The GE GB Triathlon team, as one of the strongest teams in the world, is always looking for advantages over the competition that will make a significant difference to our athletes. The aggregation of marginal gains can make the difference that means winning medals. GE’s healthcare technology will mean that we are better equipped to monitor and manage the health and fitness of athletes as they push themselves to the limits of performance. GE’s investment will ensure the World Class Programme that we have put in place through UK Sport Lottery funding produces the best prepared athletes in the world.”

GE’s President and CEO Mark Elborne cements their commitment to the new alliance. “As a proud sponsor of the London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games, we wanted to establish an association with an exciting and modern sport which we feel would benefit from our support, our technology and our expertise. We believe British Triathlon is a great fit for GE and we are confident that our support could potentially make a real impact on Team GB’s gold medal prospects in 2012.”

Via Triathlon.Org