pinit fg en rect gray 20   Fulcrum Racing Zero Tubular Wheelset

fulcrum racing zero tubular wheelset   Fulcrum Racing Zero Tubular Wheelset

The crème of the crop in Fulcrum’s aluminum range is the Racing Zero Tubular wheelset. It has excellent features that match the performance it gives.

The rims are machined on 3 planes and made up of aluminum extrusions. This makes it lightweight yet still sturdy. The front and rear rim profiles are different from one another. The front rim is 26mm deep to have better aerodynamics while the rear rim is 30mm for optimal power transmission. The special Fulcrum lightening between spokes is applied to allow the Dynamic Balance™ system to take effect and keep you stable even as you ride at high speed.

The spokes and nipples are made of aluminum and follows Fulcrum’s 2:1 lacing pattern. Steel ball bearings were not used on the Racing Zero Tubular wheelset. Instead ceramic Ultra Smooth Bearing was made for it. This enhances the smoothness of your ride.

The freehub bodies can easily be interchanged so you can use it with Campagnolo or Shimano/SRAM cassette standards. Fulcrum’s Racing Zero with the Campagnolo 9/10/11 speed set weighs in at 1450 grams. If together with the Shimano/SRAM/8/9/10 set, it would weigh close to1499 grams. Both sets do not include skewers. Price range for the wheelset would be from $1200 to 1450.