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Frei admits to doping 200x300   Frei Admits to DopingThomas Frei of Switzerland revealed that he has been using the drug for the past two years. He admitted that his EPO test yielded positive results after he took a micro-dose on the eve of the early morning test. Fret stated that he was into dope without the BMC Racing Team’s knowledge at all. Jim Ochowicz , co –owner of BMC Racing was grateful about Fret’s honest confession, however his contract was duly terminated immediately.

Ochowicz further announced, “The BMC Racing Team will now separate from Thomas Frei but thanks Thomas Frei for his honesty to confess his failure. This brings transparency to the situation and is part of the anti-doping fight the BMC Racing Team is committed to be part of.”

The 25 year old Frei divulged the truth in a press conference in Olten, Switzerland. “It is correct, that I have taken EPO. Therefore there is no sense in opening the B sample. There is no point in hoping for the off chance that it will be negative.”

He further confirmed that he was on dope since 2008 and his closest peers were aware of it. However he insisted that he is not a liar and had to clear all doubts. In 2007 and 2008, Frei rode for Astana then joined BMC in 2009.

Frei shared how he gave himself a shot of micro-dosage EPO before the urine testing. Frei further explained how he could have gotten away with it, has he drank a liter of water before the controller tested him the next day.