pinit fg en rect gray 20   Cycleaware Roadie Mirror

cycleaware roadie mirror 300x243   Cycleaware Roadie MirrorThere have been many cyclists who disregard the use of cycling mirrors thinking that there is really no high need to install such. However, everyone must take into consideration the need to always stay safe and secure and these mirrors like Cycleaware’s Roadie Mirror can really help in not letting you meet those blind spots of the journey. 

It is a rubber plug that would replace the handlebar plug on the left portion of your typical road drop handlebars. It comes with a mirror assembly part that fits well to the plug. It would only take you a total of 30 seconds to install it not to mention that it has a ball and socket design that gives way for easy adjustment. The view it will render you is also free from any type of vibration. 

The mirror assembly part is made out of solid plastic material but you can assured that it is very light in weight. The mirror has a convex shape that is made out of acrylic to allow you to have a wide range of view of whatever is behind you. The entire assembly is designed to be justly aerodynamic.

Overall, this Cycleaware’s Roadie Mirror can be considered a very clever cycling mirror product for it is very easy to adjust and is not so unobtrusive. This Cycleaware’s Roadie Mirror is one cycling product that would remind you of its own importance in terms of securing your protection and safety while traveling on the road. This should definitely be a part of your cycling accessories list.