pinit fg en rect gray 20   Castelli Body Paint Bibshort

castelli body paint bibshort   Castelli Body Paint BibshortMany question and wonder the importance of wearing the proper cycling shorts during the ride. Besides the usual reason for comfort and flexibility, you can get to understand more its essence by purchasing the Castelli Body Paint Bibshort.

So what can this simple cycling short do? Quite a lot more than you expected. First and foremost is that it is made out of Lycra which is designed for a power stretch. It also has the integration of leg grippers making it absent of any bonding, injection, sawing, or any stuck on but just simple additional amount of Lycra material.

Nevertheless the most highlighted feature of it is the pad. It carries a double skinned system pad which comes with a free flowing pad right beside the saddle plus the fleece which is permanently body hugging. Once you wear it on, it would sit flat against your thigh’s skin without allowing any extra movement of the material.

You can be assured of its fiber being very soft and since it stretches out all too well, you would know it would really stay long with you. It has a mesh section right at the back to have a breathable feature especially when the sweat would start coming during your hot day rides.

The leg part of the shorts carries a silicone print of the famous Scorpion brand symbol, interesting enough for anyone to notice it easily. Surely, this would be one of the most comfortable cycling shorts you would ever get to wear in your entire cycling life.

Key Features:

The short portion is made with a single piece of engineered Power Stretch Lycra designed to support muscle function and that painted-on look.
Seamless straps using Giro++ elastic for lay-flat comfort.
There is a fine mesh panel on the back that helps with ventilation/sweat dispersal on hot days.
The front is low cut around your stomach for a chafe free ride.
Leg grippers are knitted into the leg fabric. No stitching, no binding.
Reflective serigraph print provides 360 degree reflectivity.
Progetto X2 seat pad for maximum comfort.
Fabric: Engineered Power Lycra.