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stainless steel water bottles from camelbak   Camelbak Stainless Steel Water Bottles

CamelBak has always been one of the cycling companies who have been very consistent with coming up with the latest innovations in their product offerings. Now they are making way for another new product in the form of stainless steel water bottles. This is their very first no-spill and no-tip water bottles made out of stainless steel.

These new bottles from CamelBak are made available in two versions: the insulated and the single-walled. They were made to be user-friendly and can really last under any kind of environment – whether you will place it in your car or clip it on your bike.

This very unique water bottle is so amazing that it won’t spill even if it is already open for drinking. This is due to its Big Bite Valve feature. Once it is up, you would have the mouthpiece or straw for you to sip from and it can be shut closed for convenient storing. The bottle’s mouth is also very easy to clean and refill.

If you have cold beverage, you can expect it to remain cool with this water bottle since it has a double wall that is micro-welded, making it vacuum sealed. Also, you won’t have to worry anymore with the rest of your things being wet with the bottles’ moisture since this water bottle can assure you to keep everything dry.

You can also be assured that it is resistant to any kind of scratch, blemish or dent, having been made out of tough stainless steel.