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the geary daypack from camelbak   CamelBak Geary Daypack

Do you cycle for fun, for commuting or for sport? Well, no matter what the purpose, it can quite sure that you have some stuff you need to carry with you each time you are set out to ride, right? So here comes a new daypack bag from CamelBak which you can use for a variety of functions.

The CamelBak Geary Daypack measures about 2100 cubic inches. It is ideally meant for those who ride to work since one of its best features is its internal pouch which is perfect to place a laptop in. The entire pouch will help in holding it secure against your back making it sensible to put the largest and heaviest item in that section. Full protection is also offered to your stuff with its complete presence of pads. 

If on the other hand, you would be out for the weekend, then it is also a perfect bag to pack your clothes in. Then for the rest of your business documents and papers, you can always have the open interior space for improved filing. The compartment in the top part is ideal to steer away the items from becoming scratched.  

This is the perfect compartment where you can place the rest of your other gadgets like your mobile phone, MP3 player or your pair of sunglasses. At the bottom of the day pack is a mesh net which you can use to hold additional items like a helmet or a package that you need to bring with you.

The CamelBak Geary Daypack is more than just its name for all its features are amazing enough to be just satisfied with calling it a daypack. It is truly an exquisite product to have as your own.