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introducing the flowmeter from camelbak   CamelBak FlowMeter

For every cyclist, it is hard to really be able to bring the right amount of water supply to keep your whole system well hydrated. Water is very important for every cyclist. This is important to keep the energy of the rider always high to be able to perform well.

But have you ever experienced the need of checking the amount of water that you have left with you even while you are in the middle of your rode? Then here is the solution to this trouble.

The FlowMeter from CamelBak is a very smart gadget that serves as a personal accessory for hydration. With it as a member of the rest of the stuffs in your bag, you can be sure that you would lessen the risk of running out of water and the stress of always checking how much water is left.

With its proper measurement feature, it would also inform you well if your hydration goals are met during most of the time of your ride. This would help you assess too for which part of the time would your packed water to eventually run out.

This is not just ideal for the ordinary cyclist but also can fit the hydration needs of other athletes and fans of outdoor activities. It is very easy to connect with any kind of CamelBak reservoir for just a standard retail price of just around $30. The company is also paving the way for their product called Omega Deluxe Reservoir that works well with the Flow Meter.