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Bont have recently launched new line of triathlon shoes. Comfort and performance is their main goal with the new models. The Sub-8 and Sub-9 are made with a Monocoque construction which encloses the foot with a carbon base chassis material. For the Sub-10, the material used is a fiberglass base.

With epoxy thermoset resin, the new triathlon shoes also share the same lining material of a non-porous microfiber. They all share the Z-lock feature and a shoe horn for quick slip-off and slip-on of the triathlon shoes during competition.

Bont researched on what triathletes want in a shoe and the result is the Sub-8 model. Adding a two-part tongue and a shoe horn enhances fast transition for triathletes. It closes with a velcro flap that crisscrosses to make it secure. It weighs 225 grams, making it light on your feet. It comes in eight colors (silver, black, red, blue, pink, green, orange and yellow).

When it comes to custom-made shoes, the Sub-9 is designed to be the shoe you can mold to fit your feet. The fully heat moldable base allows you to shape the shoe in your home oven to accommodate your foot’s unique size. The Sub-9 comes in the color shiny silver.

The Sub-10 has a one-of-a-kind hand lay-up with pressure wrap that gives the right amount of stiffness you would want in your triathlon shoe. The fiberglass moldings were placed by hand before resin is painted over them. The shoe comes in a white with blue piping color.

The retail prices for Bont’s new line of triathlon shoes are Sub-8 for $399, Sub-9 for $315 and Sub-10 for $379.

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