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The BMX Masters 2010 lives up to its motto of ‘getting better and better every year.’ On July 16 to 18, the Cologne Jugendpark at Germany will be filled by about 300 riders from all over the world with half of them to be Pro riders. The event will have prize money of 15,000€ spread out to three disciplines namely Dirt, Super-Ramp and Park.

Originally, there were five disciplines but organizers Rockstar Energy Drink decided to cut it down to three. This was done so there will be more time and freedom for everybody to prioritize the needs of the riders like practice-time. This will also ensure a smoother flow of the contest.

The Halfpipe, which is popular to the younger generation, was deemed not to be cut out for the highly awaited event. The organizers are considering the return of the Vert-ramp should there be a major demand for it. The Flatland has more than enough following unfortunately, the location at Jugendpark can’t accommodate the needed space for the flatlander.

A new discipline based on the biggest portable mini-ramp in the world is created called the Super-Ramp. Daniel Dhers and Mark Webb have said that they always have a soft spot for the former mini-ramp. Organizers decided to vamp up the spine-ramp to let riders show off their skills on a different plane.