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bikeamper exp 300x123   Bikamper EXPIf you want to bike and campout at the same time, one tent that you can trust is a Bikeamper EXP.  This product has a number of different features that will help you camp at night without any problems.  

There are some cyclists who would like to bike and camp alone and it will be an effort to bring a big tent for just one person.  Because of this need, Topeak created Bikamper that has one-person capacity so you can bring it easily with you.  However, Bikamper is still bulky so they have created the Bikamper EXP, which is smaller and lighter than its predecessor.

First of all, they have lessened the overall weight to just 3 pounds.  This means that it will not be a problem or a significant amount of weight to bring while you bike going on top of a terrain or even on level biking.

The fabric is also durable that it will give you ultimate protection from biting insects and weather conditions like rain without getting suffocated.  It has a top vent and a window at the back part that give proper air circulation to keep you comfortable at night. 

In terms of packing your Bikamper EXP, you just need to fold it and you will notice how compact it can get.  You can easily tie it on your bike handle or even behind your seat if you have a rack for it.  So if you want a light and compact tent, you can trust the Bikamper EXP to give you all the things that you need.

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