pinit fg en rect gray 20   Bell Volt Helmet

bell volt helmet   Bell Volt Helmet

Bell Volt Helmet angular shape design stands out over the others due to the carbon fibre reinforced EPS foam and Fusion In-mold process. That allows the deep vents in the design possible. 22 are located around the lid with 11 at front and all this allows air to move freely in and out and keep the rider cool when its hot.

This helmet designed that Bell recently released last year remains to be the lightest and has the most updated features of the company’s line of helmets. It, in the riders’ perspective, is one of the best fits and simplest but advanced retention system. Although, losing the extra weight could probably make its price appropriate.

The helmet is claimed to be 280g in weight and is not the lightest one around but still it is fairly light and comfortable. the fit fills in the disadvantage of extra weight. The Twin Axis Gear as Bell calls it makes an easy to get via a simple turn-dial fit and on-the-fly adjustments. Only making the fit better is the vertical adjustment in the interior.

Also in the interior are strategically positioned anti bacterial pads. Straps are pretty basic to lock and have simple flip down technology. It is available in three sizes and a varied selection of color for your choice. And to top that, a detachable peak is available on off-road activities.

bell volt helmet 1   Bell Volt Helmet

bell volt helmet 2   Bell Volt Helmet

bell volt helmet 3   Bell Volt Helmet