pinit fg en rect gray 20   Armstrong Pulls Out of Circuit Sarthe

armstrong pulls out of circuit sarthe   Armstrong Pulls Out of Circuit Sarthe

Lance Armstrong was not immune to the stomach virus that hit Team RadioShack during the Tour of Flanders. Due to the viral intestinal infection, Armstrong was forced to withdraw from the Circuit Sarthe cycling race. The virus already infected five of his teammates when they raced in Flanders.

The Texan will go back to the US when he gets better from the viral affliction. Alan Gallopin, Team RadioShack’s director, shared how much Armstrong wanted to perform well for the time trial on Wednesday afternoon. However, the virus took its toll on the seven-time Tour de France winner.

“He showed his growing condition in the Tour of Flanders, where he came in with the first group sprinting for the fifth place.”

Gallopin feels that a change in Armstrong’s program is ideal.

Armstrong shared his experience through Twitter, saying that “Sicker than a dog now. This sucks,” and on Wednesday morning he posted, “Well, I’m alive. Barely it feels like. That was the roughest stomach virus I’ve ever had.”