a 4 million velodrome in south carolina 1 300x169   A $4 million Velodrome in South CarolinaRock Hill, South Carolina will soon be the site for a multi-million dollar velodrome, BMX Supercross track and a cyclocross course. The facilities will be open to the public with major construction of the new building will begin next year at the site which will be renamed Riverwalk. Come later this spring, a walking trail will emerge along the riverbank where once Catawba Indians walked.

Mayor Doug Echols of Rock Hill expresses his excitement over the project. The site was where a Celanese industrial plant once stood. The 1,000-acre land will also include construction of houses, shops and restaurants.

“This is a tremendously exciting project. It is really transformational. Along with the other venues, I think it affords us an opportunity to truly be a cycling center for the East Coast,” said Mayor Echols.

The new cycling center will be subsidized by the hospitality and special tax districts of the city. This will amount to $3 million. Mayor Echols explains, “That is an extremely important part of the way we try to do business in Rock Hill, and that is to make sure we have the money to do the things we are talking about doing.”

Issues on how the new development will impact the environment was raised but the developers are eco-sensitive and guarantees that pollution will not be a problem since they are spending millions to clean up harmful pollutants from the old Celanese plant.

a 4 million velodrome in south carolina 2   A $4 million Velodrome in South Carolina
a 4 million velodrome in south carolina 3   A $4 million Velodrome in South Carolina