pinit fg en rect gray 20   2010 Verge New England Championship Series

2010 Verge New England Championship Series 300x225   2010 Verge New England Championship SeriesThe 2010 Verge New England Championship Series has been modified. Adam Myerson of Cycle-Smart received feedback that the races were too many that it left some of the riders haggard, trying to attend to all of the races in the series. This year, Myerson reduced the number of races amking it a win-win situation for the riders and the organizers as well.

Myerson stated that the reason behind the reduction was to allow flexibility which the riders crave, wider coverage to include different regions in New England and to help making the contest flow go smoothly. “I want to ease that burden of having too many races for people to do all of them, and let the bigger races have the freedom to operate outside the Series. I also want to ease the burden on Verge, and on our staff. This frees up those bigger weekends, and my new race, to make their own arrangements in terms of schedule, sponsors, entry fees, and other details.”

Hopeful for the series to expand in the future, Myerson is also optimistic that some of the previous UCI races that were part of the series will come back.

2010 Verge New England Championship Schedule
September 18 Schoolhouse Cyclocross Williston, VT
September 19 Catamount Grand Prix Williston, VT
October 23 Downeast Cyclocross Day 1 New Gloucester, ME
October 24 Downeast Cyclocross Day 2 New Gloucester, ME
November 6 The Cycle-Smart International 1 Northampton, MA
November 7 The Cycle-Smart International 2 Northampton, MA
November 27 Baystate Cyclocross Sterling, MA
November 28 Baystate Cyclocross Sterling, MA
December 4 NBX GP #1 Warwick, RI
December 5 NBX GP #2 Warwick, RI

Via CX Magazine