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2010 Polaris Challenge1 300x50   2010 Polaris ChallengeThe 2010 Polaris Challenge will take place on June 12-13 at White Peak, Derbyshire. The event is open to mountain bikers who love the challenge of navigation and touring. The race is to amass the most number of points at each checkpoint given the time limit in a day. Checkpoints with greater value are much more difficult to reach.

The checkpoints have electronic boxes where the challengers can place their SPORTident card in the box. This will take note of the time they arrived at the checkpoint. The time limit for day 1 is 7 hours while 5 hours for day 2. Penalties involve late arrival at the rally points. If you are over an hour late, you lose all the points you have for the day.

The Polaris Challenge began in 1991 and is the biggest event in mountain biking orienteering. Other events similar to it are in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, France and Germany. For more information on registration, visit