pinit fg en rect gray 20   2010 Deer Creek Challenge

2010 deer creek challenge   2010 Deer Creek Challenge

The Deer Creek Challenge debuts on August 29. Billed to be the “toughest one-day century ride”, the 100-mile ride with climbs of 12,741 feet will take place in Denver, Colorado.

The non-timed event will begin at Jefferson County’s Deer Creek Canyon. There will be three courses to choose from. The first course is called the Century Ride which has the largest elevation. The second one is the Metric Century with 7,053 feet climb for the 64-mile route. Last but not the least is the 33-mile Option which offers a 4,200 feet climb.

The registration for the Deer Creek Challenge opened last March 17. the organizers gave a limit of 3,000 cyclists for the once in a lifetime challenge. There is a $10 discount for the first 1,500 cyclists who registers before 1st of May. The price for the Century ride is $95. The Metric Century is charging $85 while the 33-mile challenge will be for $70. All three routes will kick off with a 16-mile ascent.

Kim DeLashmit of the Deer Creek Challenge, describes how the event was designed to test your stamina and skills. “We designed several different challenging courses and added the elements of safety and support. If you are going to take something that steep and long on in a single day, it’s nice to know that you’ve got the technical support combined with refreshments and aid stops along the way,” said DeLashmit.

You can register at All proceeds from the event will be distributed to selected non-profit organizations in the US.