pinit fg en rect gray 20   12th Annual Commuter Cup Challenge

12th annual commuter cup challenge 300x103   12th Annual Commuter Cup ChallengeMay is National Bike Month and to start off the campaign, Specialized continues its 12th year of celebrating the Bike to Work Day Industry Commuter Cup Challenge on May 14, 2010.

Specialized encourages industry leaders to take part in the Bike to Work campaign with hopes that society will soon make it a habit to ride a bike when commuting daily. Renowned personalities among the industrial leader, bike dealers and all bike lovers will be encouraging one another to enjoy living in one carless day. Aside from promoting the Bike to Work movement, it will launch a friendly competition. This is in line with the celebration of the National Bike to Work Month.

“Each year’s Bike to Work effort creates such a visible presence of cyclists on the road that motorists actually take notice, slow down and make room for riders, creating an improved commute for everyone,” said Ian Dewar, manager of Specialized USA’s and Advocacy. He believes that setting the example through participation of members in the bike industry promotes this visibility.

The 2010 Specialized Commuter Cup Challenge showdown is on for all companies whether it is “Tiny but Tough”, “Mighty and Small”, “Medium Big League” and “Big Mac Attack” category.

Registration on line for industry partners and dealers is until May 7, 2010.

All potential registrants must abide with the official rules and confirm that they qualify for the challenge. The company’s assigned Commuter Cup representative will be given notice through email with all the pertinent data on the SCCC, defining the procedures they would undertake in order to participate after registration.