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velorbis elechic e bike   Velorbis Elechic E Bike

Velorbis is coming out with a soon to be released classic bicycle with a hidden electric power source which the hope of altering the reputation of E-Bike in the market today. The Elechic is designed to be helpful to its rider who may have difficulty on climbing steep hills. It is also environmental friendly and stylish.

From out of their very own press release, some reliable data have indicated that Velorbis is confident that electric Bicycles need not be huge or enlarged or need not be inconsistent with the basic principles of ergonomics and aesthetics.

It emphatically added that its intention is to resolve the conflicting notions that electric bicycles cannot be streamlined and practical, trendy and classic. Velorbis has come up with an artistically crafted bicycle, a fully operational E-Bike with its battery and motor unnoticeably blending with its engineering design. This is the very basic criteria that E-Bikes are built.

Velorbis, by applying the advanced electric driving system to its designer bicycles, acquired the use of state of the art technology and features added to its new fleet of E-Bikes. This gives them the option to transform their premium model bicycles into electrically powered bikes. The electric system has a lithium-ion battery packed in a stylish housing, a brushless motor on the front wheel with an easy to operate all-in-one controller system for maximum efficient operation.

For added security, it is provided with an iButton key which turns on or off the electrical system. The display monitor software has a two led bars battery indicator and a motor support affixed at the left handgrip. One of its added features is an operational removable multi-functional bike computer.

As aforementioned above, all other classic models and designs such as the Victoria Classic, Churchill Classic and Balloon, Scrap De Luxe and Danneborg are easily transformed and converted to Electric bike models following the latest trend and style.

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