pinit fg en rect gray 20   Ted Wojcik Pedal Powered Lawnmower

ted wojcik pedal powered lawnmower   Ted Wojcik Pedal Powered Lawnmower

At the North American Handmade Bicycle show, frame builders, environmentalists, lawn care specialists and bicycle riders were awed by Ted Wojcik’s human-powered lawnmower. Wojcik is a bicycle builder based in New Hampshire. His machine was received with praise may go into production as early as summer.

Wojcik designed his lawnmower as a recumbent style bicycle tugging a mower along to trim the grass. He created the machine at his ship, Ted Wojcik Custom Bicycles. As it was being tested for its maiden run, curious on-lookers were attracted enough to inquire where they could obtain one.

The newly designed machine got more than its share of interest from the public that when it was entered at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show, Mr. Wojcik was caught unaware of the demand it generated. Wojcik and his son Cody got inspired to create the machine in order to help decrease the pollution traditionally powered lawnmowers generate in the United States.

“We thought about the blade placement a lot, to either drag it behind the rig or put it in front of the rig, having it directly underneath worked really well. We are thinking of other things we can put under there like a rake or a sweeper for leaves. You can also take off the mower and ride the bike for fun.” said Wojcik.

Jim and Matt Langley asked asked Wojcik to design the pedal-powered lawn mower the previous summer. Cody, an engineering graduate from Worcester Polytechnic, helped his father to finish the design with a program called SolidWorks.

Wojcik hopes to patent his creation before the production of the mower begins. Numerous offers came to Wojcik to have the item reproduced abroad but he declined. “I would just as soon make it here. If it gets big enough and we can’t get enough of them in the marketplace because of the cost of domestic manufacturing then maybe we will be forced in that direction. I’m going to resist it like crazy.”