pinit fg en rect gray 20   Success for the 2010 Taipei Cycle Show

success 2010 taipei cycle show   Success for the 2010 Taipei Cycle Show

The Taipei Cycle Show was deemed a success. The exhibitors expressed their satisfaction over the business generated at the annual event.

Portland Design Works, a newbie exhibitor with only just over a year in the bicycle retail scene, attended the trade show with hopes to expand their reach around the globe. Erik Olson, co-founder of Portland Design Works, was quite pleased to have found distributors in Japan and Australia and hopes to target UK next.

Their 10×10 booth space was located in the far corner of the fourth floor hall but Olson was able to close deals on the distribution of their company’s aftermarket line of commuter accessories. Olson said that next year, they will go for a bigger booth (10×20) because the price is also reasonable.

Panaracer, the Japanese tire company, used the trade show to gauge the feedback of customers in regards to their 2011 line which they will present at Eurobike and Interbike. Jeff Zell of Panaracer, noted that there are more European product manager present than North Americans.

“With all the budgetary concerns, people are saying, ‘I’m not going this year if I don’t have to,’ even if they might have before just because they didn’t want to miss anything,” Zell observed.

However, Andrea Wu, press coordinator, shared that the show was very much well attended with a 9.3% increase in international visitors on its first day and on its second day, a 7% increase. More international journalists came to cover the show, too. The organizers were pleased to accomplish what they beforehand for the Taipei Cycle Show.