pinit fg en rect gray 20   Shimano PD A600 Road SPD Pedal

shimano pd a600 road spd pedal   Shimano PD A600 Road SPD Pedal

The newest product under the Shimano Pedaling Dynamics line is the PD-A600. Similar to the PD-A520 model when it comes to lines of design, the PD-A600 provides quality performance for pedaling safely and comfortably.

The pedal is a picture of stability with its stylish design that allows low profile Ultegra level touring. It weighs 286 grams and is ideal for non-competitive road use. It is also compatible with all MTB and Touring SPD shoes.

The PD-A600 also has a single sided cleat mechanism that is used across recent MTB pedal systems. This will allow easy entry or exit. The wide platform of the pedal was designed to facilitate better transference of power when you pedal. The aerodynamics of this would help efficient flow of energy from your shoe on to the pedal.

The pedal is also suitable for sportive and touring cyclists who can take advantage of its specifications that can fit Ultegra or Dura-Ace bicycle parts. Suggested retail price for the Shimano SPD A600 is £79.99.