pinit fg en rect gray 20   Prologo Scratch Pro Saddle

prologo scratch pro saddle   Prologo Scratch Pro Saddle

Prologo comes out with a new saddle that boasts of Italian quality and innovative design. The Scratch Pro is the saddle that combines comfort, performance and value. This is what makes it the most popular saddle in Prologo lineup. It is the saddle of choice by 53% of the Pros sponsored by Prologo. It is also the one Robert McEwen chooses to use.

The Scratch Pro saddle retains a traditional domed structure which allows the platform suitable for canter and to support cyclists with narrow hip bones, hamstrings and the gluteus muscles. The saddle is also equipped with Active Density (AD). This is one of Prologo’s patented saddle construction techniques. With AD, the padding is distributed to three zones of the saddle.

The Scratch Pro saddle has a light and durable base. It has the Carbn Fibre Injection Base which is made a composite scompound with 16% carbon fiber. This allows the base to be stiffer. The rails can come in Pro Ti 1.4 or in Nickel-Titanium alloy.

Retail Price is $149.00