pinit fg en rect gray 20   Prendas Ciclismo Waterproof Cycling Cap

prendas ciclismo waterproof cycling cap   Prendas Ciclismo Waterproof Cycling Cap

The clothing specialist that offers quality cyclewear, Prendas Ciclismo, came out with their new product on cotton caps. They call it the Waterproof Cap, because it took your regular cloth cap and made it resistant to water to keep your head dry and warm.

The cap is made by an outer fabric of nylon. The inside of the cap has a lining where a thin layer of foam supports the nylon fabric. The overall effect is a puffed yet stiff look. There are two holes for ventilation to keep the air circulating.

There is hardly any water seepage as the cap promises. Best for winter months and rainy weather, the Waterproof Cap comes in the color white and has black printed logos. Handmade in Italy, the Waterproof Cap costs at the retail price of £7.50. You may also avail of it through Prendas Ciclismo’s multi-saver deal of four caps for £25.00.