pinit fg en rect gray 20   Pedalite Pedals for Your Biking Safety

pedalite pedals biking safety   Pedalite Pedals for Your Biking Safety

If you will be cycling at night, then you must tell the road of your presence with Pedalite lights. Most accidents encountered by cyclists are 75% caused by the side close to an intersection. Most think that it would bring too much of a hassle if you would carry some generator right in your pedals due to its possible additional weight.

This is just one of the usual troubles that Pedalite secures to steer their customers away from. They never ever have any weight issue. For all you need to do is to clip it in along with the extra toe cages. They also offer metal stubs to keep the feet secure and safe during the entire ride.

They also offer the Anklelite which comes with a band that you can wear around your wrist, boots, arm and ankle. You can prove its level of comfort that even a dog won’t mind if you will place it around its neck. You can choose to face it in any direction that you like whether forward, to the back or in the sideways.

And the best thing about Pedalite products is that they don’t come in batteries! You do not have to buy batteries or even plug them to recharge battery life. For all it takes for you to do is to simply turn them off and expose them to any light source. It would recharge on its own being an independent solar unit. With Pedalite, you can be assured to be safe, green and seen!

pedalite pedals biking safety 1   Pedalite Pedals for Your Biking Safety